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Arapahoe Fire Protection, Inc provides a one year warranty. However, your system should be inspected tested and regularly maintained to permit proper operation well beyond that first year. Some inspections can be performed by the owner, mostly visual things ranging from weekly, monthly and just during cold weather. All other inspections should be preformed by qualified personnel. These tests range from annually to once every 3, 5, 20 and 50 years. So please keep Arapahoe Fire Protection, Inc. in mind for all your fire sprinkler inspection, testing and maintenance needs.

•  Relocation of fire sprinkler heads

•  Maintenance of fire sprinkler systems

•  Service and repair of fire sprinkler systems

•  Inspections of all types of fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems

•  Testing of fire sprinkler systems

•  Testing of Backflow devices

•  Design consultation and design of fire sprinkler systems