Q? How much will it cost?

Answer: Between $3 and $5 per square foot but it will vary based on type of system, size of the home, water supply, location of home.

Q? How does it work?

Answer: In the event of a fire, one sprinkler or more can operate depending on the circumstances. Water flows thru the fused sprinkler or sprinklers. Depending on the system there may be a water flow alarm and if there is monitoring it may send a signal to the monitoring company who calls the fire department.

Q? What about water damage?

Answer: It depends on the situation. Why did the system operate? Was there a fire? Did a head break? Is there anti freeze in the system? How long did the system flow water?

Q? How do they look?

Answer: This Depends on our customer's choice of products and type of system. There are now sprinkler heads that are concealed and virtually invisible.

Q? What about leaks and service?

Answer: Fire sprinkler systems are very dependable and it's very rare there will be a leak once placed in service. If you do need us service is available 24 / 7 and response, depending on the location of the home, should be within 90 minutes

Q? How do I get started?

Answer: Provide our sales staff with blueprints for a new home or set up an appointment for a visit in an existing home.


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